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Price List

For us at SWISSdent it is very important that you feel pleasant at every step of your journey with us. That is why we present to you the price list of our services. The list contains specialist terms as well as colloquial expressions, because we wanted to make it more approachable for a regular patient.

Prices of fillings, implant placings or dental braces could vary depending on your specific case.

Choose Swiss-quality dental services and welcome to SWISSdent

Service Price
Plaque removal 13 EUR
Calculus (tartar) removal 20 EUR
Teeth whitening (per jaw) 170 EUR
Composite filling 25-46 EUR
Fiber reinforced composites 60 EUR
Vital extirpation (nerve removal) 33 EUR
Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) 34-70 EUR
Fissure sealing 25 EUR
Routine dental extraction 25 EUR
Complicated dental extraction 50 EUR
Surgical extraction of an impacted molar 119 EUR
Apicoectomy (root end surgery) 119 EUR
Frenectomy 60 EUR
Straumann implant placement 700 EUR
Bredent implant placement 500 EUR
Mini implant placement 260 EUR
Liberalization 135 EUR
Metal-ceramic crown on a Straumann implant (with suprastructure) 260 EUR
Metal-ceramic crown on a Bredent implant (with suprastructure) 210 EUR
Metal-ceramic crown 119 EUR
Titanium-ceramic crown 180 EUR
Metal-free crown 250 EUR
Partial/total acrylate denture 315 EUR
Skeletal partial denture 520 EUR
Dental attachments (per pair) 200 EUR
Removable dental braces (per jaw) 300 EUR
Fixed dental braces (per jaw) 700 EUR
Dental foil for teeth straightening 100 EUR
Dental foil for bruxism 50 EUR
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Our Team

SWISSdent dr stom. Oliver Krnjević

Dr stom. Oliver Krnjević

Oral surgery specialist

After dental school he worked and perfected dentistry in Zurich. He received his doctorate in dentistry at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade, while specializing in oral surgery at the University Clinic for Oral Surgery in Belgrade. He is the founder and owner of SWISS Dent in Belgrade, where he offers first-class dental care to all patients.

dr stom Ljilja Krnjević

Dr stom. Ljilja Krnjević

Orthodontics specialist

She received her diploma in dentistry at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade, after which she specialized in orthodontics at the University Clinic for Jaw Orthodontics. She is the founder and permanent associate of the SWISS Dent office, as well as Orhtoart's office in Belgrade. Her permanent education and training in the field of orthodontics in the country and abroad guarantees you top-notch treatment in the field of orthopedics.